Tai Chi Dao Yin Yang Sheng: Respiratory Set

DVDRip | 2003 | AVI | XviD | 708×480 | 29 fps | MPEG Audio 160 kbps
Language: Chinese | Subtitle: English | Runtime: 77 mins | 1.06 GB | Genre: elearning

Li demonstrates the complex Dao Yin Qigong developed by a professor of Chinese medicine and Qigong Zhang Guangde eventually elaboration of complexes of different styles of Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Taoist practices of nurturing life. Now, the exercises included in the training and rehabilitation of various official medical institutions in China. This particular set is aimed at reviving and strengthening the respiratory system. Li – a master of Tai Chi Chuan and chantsyuan, multiple championships medalist China’s Tai Chi and Wushu.

Download here:


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