Melchor Menor – The Entire Muay Thai System

English | XivD 1088kbps | 512 x 384 29.97fps | MP3 129kbps | 816 MB

In this 3 volume series would champion Melchor Menor teaches you the entiresystem of Muay Thai.
This is the full arsenal that has won him titles from Las Vegas to Japan.
Learning the devastating art of Muay Thai has never been made so easy.
This comprehensive series take you from the beginning stages of kickboxing to the advanced techniques of Muay Thai to prepare yourself for the ring.
As an additional BONUS champion Menor instructs you in a daily work-out routine to turn your body into a temple of steel.
If your goal is to prepare yourself as a fully equipped Muay Thai Fighter then this series is for you!

Within this past decade, Muay Thai has become more and more recognized to the public as
a martial art and a ring sport. While the use of elbows and knees applied in a full contact sport may seem barbaric to the uninformed viewing public, its simple techniques are rooted on years of perfecting balance, footwork, rhythm, and timing.
A successful practitioner has to utilize and strategize, all the while, being efficient
with their techniques. To become a muay thai fighter requires a physical prowess that only a few can attain. They are modern day warriors and supreme athletes.

DVD-1 Introduction to Kickboxing: Champion Menor teaches you the basics of kickboxing.

DVD-2 Intermediate Muay Thai: In this explosive DVD Mel guides you through the devastating
techniques of arms, legs, elbows, and knee’s as weapons.

DVD-3 Advanced Muay Thai: Champion Menor takes you through the advanced world of Muay Thai.
Discover his own advanced system which made him a champion. Learn knockout techniques that
have won him titles around the world.

Download here:


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