Commando Krav Maga – Street Survival with Moni Aizik

English | MP4 | 640×480 | 25 fps | MPEG4 1256 kbps | AAC 107 kbps | 571 MB

In the street, the simpler the better. In the majority of cases, we will only have a few seconds to react, so we have to be efficient and our techniques simple and flexible. That is the beauty of Krav Maga Commando. One only needs to know one technique that can be utilized universally and that will allow us to react and adapt ourselves to every kind of attack.

Moni Aizik, an ex-elite commando in the Israeli Special Forces and founder of Krav Maga Commando, shows us in detail the way to survive very different kinds of attacks, such as punches, chokes, ground fighting, knife, and threats with pistol. An evolved, simple, and effective system that is the fruit of combat experience in the Israeli systems.

Be your own Guardian Angel. This DVD will help you build a suit of armour for the 21st Century urban battlefield.
Moni Aizik, Ex-Israeli Special Forces
-Counter-Terrorism Expert
-Special Ops Commando
-Over 30 years of combat Experience
-Founder of Commando Krav Maga
-Instructor to No-Holds Barred champion fighters

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